What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that is nature’s way of biodegrading or recycling organic materials back into the earth. Many times our commercial and residential structures are exposed to mold growth due to natural and catastrophic damage from water and sewage disasters. Fungi are commonly found in most environments but when it pertains to mold growth in buildings, only a few dozen types of mold thrive from the right conditions of moisture, temperature and building materials. Often times this recipe of conditions and fungi cause serious health conditions in some individuals and alarm others with unsightly discolorations all over building materials and can even cause structural and indoor air quality concerns.

MSE Environmental Four Step Mold Investigation Process – Inspection & Assessment, Pre Testing & Sampling, Remediation Scope of Work & Protocol Design, Post Remediation Verification & Clearance Testing (PRV):

• Inspections & Assessment
• Testing & Sampling - Air, Wall, Surface, Culture
• Remediation Scope of Work & Protocol
• Remediation Project Oversight
• Cause & Origin Investigations
• Post Remediation Verification &
   Clearance Testing (PRV)

  By Erik Lundgaard