Wildfire Soot Testing and Inspection

What is Wildfire Smoke/Soot?

An average of 5 million acres burns every year causing damage throughout neighborhoods and communities. These uncontrolled fires feed on brush, vegetation, grass, trees and anything in its way as a fuel source. The combustion of these materials causes smoke, soot, char, ash and carbon particulate to get airborne and travel many miles and eventually settling on property exteriors and finding pathways such as window, vents and doors to the invade into the structures interiors. Wildfire particulates infiltrate the HVAC systems and settle on the contents creating a contaminated indoor air quality problem.

MSE Environmental Wildfire Smoke/Soot Inspection Process – Interview Client on Occupant Issues, Inspection & Assessment, Air Monitoring & Sampling, HVAC Ventilation Evaluation, Building Diagnostics, Corrective Action Management Implementation & Recommendations:

• Inspection & Assessment
• Soot, Carbon Black, Ash & Char Sampling