Disaster Emergency Response

What is Disaster Emergency Response?

Catastrophic disasters happen every day around the world affecting healthy homes, buildings and structures. Such disasters as tornados, tsunamis, ice storms, earthquakes, hail storms, fires, floods and hurricanes wreak havoc on cities, towns and countries infrastructure to break down. More often than not environmental consultants, restorations contractors and disaster emergency response teams pick up the pieces to stabilize the infrastructure.

MSE Environmental Catastrophic Response Team ( MSE CAT Team) can deploy to any catastrophic loss anywhere in the United States.
MSE CAT Team Process – Interview Client on Damage Assessment Issues, Perform Environmental Site Evaluation Inspection, Ascertain Building Diagnostics, Remediation Scope of Work & Protocol Design, Recovery Corrective Action Management Implementation:

• Tornados
• Tsunami
• Ice
• Earthquake
• Hail
• Fires
• Floods
• Hurricanes