Lead Testing and Inspection

What is Lead?

Lead is a heavy metal chemical that has many uses from it being heavy, soft and malleable. In the building industry, lead was commonly used in paint products as well as pipes, batteries and other products. While lead has a number of uses, it also has its dangers. With so many industries using lead based paint in the early 1900’s; homes , buildings, structures and maritime industries have found that ingestion of lead by humans is poisonous. It damages the nervous system and causes brain damage. The US congress has passed many laws as a result of lead and its dangers. EPA enforces many of the compliance regulations and OSHA enforces compliance on worker safety from lead based paint exposure.
MSE Environmental Lead Based Paint Inspection Process – Inspect for Lead Based Paint by XRF Analyzer & Bulk Sampling, Perform Risk Assessments, Lead Abatement Project Design, Specification & Work Plan, Project Management Oversight with Air & Personal Monitoring, Post Abatement Clearance Testing:

• Paint Inspections – XRF Analyzer
• HUD Inspections
• Abatement Project Design
• Specifications & Work Plans
• Abatement Project Management
• Air & Personal Monitoring
• Post Abatement Clearance Testing
• Risk Assessments